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Making it easy to discover and buy wines you will love.

Emphasis: Digital Transformation, Startup

Industry: Social

Flavor-based recommendations for wine and wineries.

With algorithms and an aging application in-hand, VineSleuth turned to Upstart in an advisory capacity to help them chart the path forward. Believing a wine-based software vendor to be the right play, we setup a call and helped Founder Amy Gross articulate her technical needs and future roadmap. Our thought process was simple - if we were not the ones to do it, we wanted to make sure she was set up to succeed. The vendor, who shall remain anonymous, had all the ability but set such an outrageous price point that we decided to find a way past this price-based barrier to entry and help Amy succeed. We assembled a small team, partnered with her domestic technical partner, and got after it. A few months later, having re-launched her aging app Amy is now hitting her stride, getting the attention from the market that we all knew was possible, and she is breaking new ground with wineries, restaurants, and investment partners across the globe. Next up! Convincing Amy to add us to her tasting panel of wine enthusiasts!

Solution stack
  • AWS
  • PHP
  • Angular
  • Python.

"This project is creating a revolution in the wine and beverage industry and I love being part of it"

René, Product Owner

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