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Filling the gap in last-mile inventory management for out-of-hospital emergency medicine.

Emphasis: Concept, Innovation, Startup

Industry: Healthcare

Say goodbye to mobile inventory management shortfalls.

We met Founder Constantine Milam at IA (International Accelerator) in Austin, Texas. Instantly, we knew he had a compelling solution to a problem he was currently facing, as were so many others, in the Emergency Medical Services field. It was a solution that needed to be built. We embarked straightaway on a multi-phase journey from concept to product. Concept modeling proved the feasibility of the solution. Working prototypes followed to answer questions of repeatability and accuracy. The outcomes bred confidence to drive next-stage funding initiatives and soon we will be fully involved the New Product Introduction (NPI) process.

Solution stack
  • React Native
  • Python
  • Hardware

“This is purely find a way forward. Solving real-world problems through technology is challenging and exciting. Our mission is to take SmartPack to the next level, help them get investment, and build a legendary product.”

Felipe, Product Owner

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