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Providing localization and navigation in environments where GPS systems may be compromised, unreliable, or unavailable.

Emphasis: Concept, Innovation, IoT, Data Science

Industry: Military

Solving the military’s most complex problem.

A highly confidential project led by former Special Operations Force operators, Upstart 13 has positioned the MSRS team to solve one of the military's most complex problems. Comprised in hardware, software and a unique array of sensory intel, the solution is driven by data science and advanced analytics. Required to perform with the highest degrees of accuracy, first on land and eventually at sea and in the air, solution outcomes must factor into the movement and well-being of our active-duty service men and women as well as for related commercial ventures. High stakes, but an even higher calling.

Solution stack
  • React Native
  • Python
  • Tensorflow
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Jetson Board
  • Docker

"It is exciting to contribute to a state-of-the-art product where every day is a challenge. As we find our way forward, we are changing the world.”

Felipe, Solutions Architect

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