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Our passion. Their delight.
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What We Do


Engaging your products and services as if we were your customer. This initial experience informs our approach.


Crafting customer journeys with intentionality knowing they interact with your brand before they reach out for your support.


Applying automation, AI, and our expertise results in responsive, intelligent direction at the point of customer need.


Continuous value-add. Intrinsically, it's how we measure ourselves. Your clients want more, we do more.


Opportunities arise. Innovation happens. Currency is relevancy. We know how to integrate what is new to apply to what is now.


Predictable, measurable, repeatable results. Routine, but never taken for granted. Our promise in view of our people.

What you want to know

Support FAQ

What is Upstart's mission?

We rally global talent to deliver in-house performance for an unrivaled offshore experience.

How does that mission translate to Support services?

Our talented Support engineers delight users at every touch-point. They strive to deliver fast, first time resolution each time. And, they never compromise when it comes to your customers. They will always come first.

What draws people to Upstart?

People come to Upstart to do big things, to become their best selves, and to be themselves. They find our mission  compelling in that they want to be a part of the company that changes an industry for the better while creating opportunities for many and impacting our communities.

Why do people stay?

People stay at Upstart because we care deeply about each of them. Our actions demonstrate that they matter. We invest in one another and we do big things as one team, together with our customers.

How technical is your Support?

Very technical, if that is what is required in the position. That said, we know the best customer support folks are smart, highly empowered and diverse. We look for a range of personalities such as, the educator types who like to teach end users, the nurturers who are great at listening, the technical types, and the analyzers who can quickly break a problem down into manageable pieces. 

Do you emphasize soft skills on your teams?

Every day. Our creed at Upstart is to put people before profits, therefore we always put your user’s needs first and we make sure our people are in a position to succeed. Success for us in Support includes our folks being themselves, being real. And, it means delivering support with the right tone, words, personality, voice and more. The result is an authenticity of engagement that leads to satisfaction for everyone involved.

What makes Upstarters different from other offshore vendors?

Our greatest asset is our people. We don’t just say it, we live it. All our big decisions as a company start by measuring our ideas against our mission. Global talent doing big things. In-house performance. Unrivaled offshore experience. Only our people are positioned to bring our mission to life for you. We value and celebrate our people from the day they enter Upstart. It is worth restating, they are our greatest asset.

Hablan Inglés?

“Si, hablamos Ingles!” Yes, we speak English. To make it through our hiring process you have to demonstrate you can handle the language effectively in many mediums. We find there are so many smart ways to extend your in-house teams to account for a wide-range of communication skills. We thrive in chat and SMS messaging channels for some. For others, we work lines with native English speakers (only). In any case, tell us what you need and we will solve it together.

How does Upstart improve a customer's Support experience?

Support is a human-to-human interaction. We train our people to be mindful of 4 things when communicating to users: what do you want them to know? Feel? Believe? And do? If you get great at this, you convert every touch point into an opportunity to solve problems, and build loyalty towards your brand.

How do you measure the results?

We audit all our teams on weekly and monthly schedules. We measure for accuracy and precision of information, as well as other important attributes such as persona, tone, voice, grammar and mechanics. We do this in a consistent manner so that all team members are measured against the same yardstick, regardless of which customer/brand they’re assigned to serve. We cap all this work with regular coaching sessions to ensure we are all learning and growing together.

I tried and failed with offshore Support.
Why is Upstart any different?

Upstart 13 was founded by a team just like you. We’ve walked in your shoes and in 2019 we decided things had to change. It has to be better than what we experienced. That’s why we exist. Where we do differ is our approach to seeking feedback from our customers and acting on it. There’s no sitting on our hands at Upstart and there’s no shying away from doing big things by virtue of who we are and who we hire.

Do you offer 24/7 availability?

We do. We offer 24/7 support for those who need it as well as the option to staff in other time zones or choose our Night Owl services to accommodate off hours.

What services do you offer upfront?

Customer on-boarding assessment and reporting. Plus, customer journey mapping to answer the question: Are your customers getting the experience you think they are? This puts us in a great position to quickly add value to your business.

How do you use technology to your customer's advantage?

We’re a tech savvy group so technology is a natural part of who we are. We are intimately acquainted with all of the top help desk platforms. And, we can implement custom solutions for you that integrate into your current technology landscape.

our emphasis in people, both yours and ours, is what enables us to be the most significant partner you will ever have.
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