Published on:
May 24, 2021

Your Outsourcing Model Is Outdated

Your outsourcing model is outdated.

If you have worked with offshore vendors for any length of time, you have come to the realization that the outsourcing model today is out of date, if not out of touch with what you really need. Even when it seems to be more or less working, you might admit you want more or maybe less from your offshore teams:  

  • More productivity, buy-in, ownership, interaction, responsiveness, accessibility and sustainability from your teams. You want your investment to return as it does with your onshore team.
  • Less overhead,explanation in advance, follow up after delivery, rework, refactoring and general frustration. You want your team to perform like your in-house team,offshore.

If that resonates, then you are stuck in an outsourcing Commodities Model.

This model emphasizes low costs but often at the expense of value, time, and quality of deliverables. Your CFO may prefer this model because it looks great on the financials, but the true costs are hiding just beyond the balance sheet.

What is being overlooked?

  • Value measured in engineer and team autonomy, or the ability to walk out of a meeting knowing the objectives were understood and the people owning the execution will deliver the right outcomes for your customers on schedule.
  • Time measured in delays, or waiting for the next day to get a response on yesterday's priorities, waiting for buffered estimates to be lowered to what the job really requires, or waiting for your key onshore players to free up to outline the next set of tasks beyond their own.
  • Quality measured in the ability to enrich a development life cycle with innovation, automation and efficiency of solutions. Or, measured in issues leaked to production as the cost to fix multiplies or insufficient attention is paid to security, confidentiality, and how teams view or handle customer data while in development.

Vendors,in this model, often focus on “butts in seats” and continually push to add more headcount, when what you really want is more value from the existing headcount.Delivery becomes a factor of what could have been versus what was, and feedback does not lead to better outcomes. As with financial commodities,the resources may differ slightly but the results are generally uniform across the team. Uniform, being the key word, is not why you went offshore.

The good news is there is a better model.

Upstart's origin is rooted in our frustration with the Commodities Model. A dissatisfaction with being asked to accept that this is as good as you can expect.

One look at our mission statement and you will sense the difference.

    We rally global talent to deliver in-house performance for an unrivaled offshore experience.

This highlights a sentiment that is understood but rarely spoken: You want your offshore team to perform as an in-house team.

From expectations through delivery, you need offshore to keep pace with what you have onshore.

We know the truth behind the sentiment and we don’t shy away from it. In fact, we hold ourselves accountable to that standard by hiring leaders who take decisions, think independently and defend their views. They have the talent to work at your pace, and they run towards responsibility. Working when you do, our teams engage as if they are in the room with you.

Let's face it, the era of outsourcing as order takers is over.

The experience you really want in your offshore team is possible.

Call us today.

One conversation and you will understand the difference we will make.