Helping your customers get the most from your products.

Implementation; Aka Pro Services
Mobile, web and cloud

What We Do


We start where customers do. Walking their path. Gaining their perspective. Discovering what we will soon be providing.


Gap analysis turns to remediation. Optimization of what is good for even greater efficiency. Instant value-add.


From the inside out, collaborate to build better tooling, process, and delivery of customer-centric services. .


Instrument to inform. Monitor customer response. Measure impact of actions taken.
Drive better outcomes.


Continuous improvement as ownership. A responsibility to enrich services, find advantage, and improve results.


Reliable, efficient, consistent delivery. Building your brand and positively impacting your customers' view of you.

What you want to know

Implementation FAQ

What is upstart13's mission?

We rally global talent to deliver in-house performance for an unrivaled offshore experience.

How does that mission translate to Implementation services?

We are aware of the perceptions about offshore and we are shattering those for anyone who works with us.
In Implementation, we identify with your customers and understand how and why they use your products. We communicate effectively, enrich your brand and pursue excellence in what we do. We outperform as a promise to one another. As we do, your customers win and you shine.

What attracts talent to upstart13?

Our culture, our people, and our leaders together attract talent in support of a mission that is both infectious and attractive! Add to that projects that are challenging and meaningful. Talent finds us from there.

What keeps top talent at upstart13?

More than anything our people are the reason we retain our talent. We invest well in our people, we choose to do big things, and we choose our clients well. But, when you are deeply connected to those you work with and are joined by a common mission, people tend to stay.

How do you build Implementation teams?

We build small teams of highly effective specialists that join their strengths to form a greater whole. Teams acknowledging failure but using it as a springboard to success. Teams that integrate to yours, or are equipped to carry the day themselves. Together, success follows.

How technical are your implementation engineers?

Very technical. Many have trained for technical development but found their home in Implementation, Whether ETL, SI, cloud services, custom development or optimization applications our teams are a technical fit.

Are your engineers open to travel?

Post-COVID, certainly. Until then we will be camera ready with clear communication. Available when you and your clients need us.

Will your engineers be happy in an Implementation role?

Your customers want solution specialists, not warm bodies waiting for their chance to move to a different position. We hire, develop and empower talented people who thrive in this type of work. Activators who engage your customers, solve their problems and improve the solutions they support. It's all part of the commitment we make to you and your customers.

Do your teams speak for themselves?

Certainly! Our value prop is in being able to speak for you and to enhance your customers' view of you by the work we are doing. Communication is a significant part of that equation and we are ready to speak up.

Day one, where do you start?

Right next to your customers. In fact, we become a customer first in order to be a more dynamic partner. Learning you through them, that is where we start.

How do you integrate with existing domestic teams?

We will integrate fast and well knowing early wins accelerate cooperation and unity in the teams. Unless directed otherwise, we are there to enrich the domestic team and not displace them. We will deliver accordingly. Any success will be everyone's success and we will carry our load.

Does your model support maintaining a bench?

Depending on the opportunity, yes, of course. Rather than spell it all out here, give us a call and we can shape the discussion around your particular needs.

What do you consider to be appropriate staffing levels for my teams?

Efficiency, precision, speed, and all the other things we bring should allow us to help you see cost savings in your  staffing. The exception would be if you continued to grow. In that case, we would look to scale efficiently to match your business needs, never seeking to simply drop hoards of headcount on your onsite or domestic teams. That's not who we are.

How autonomous are your teams? Or, should I expect to have to guide them into everything?

As autonomous as we need to be. And very hungry.
In many ways, we expect to do more than the domestic team because we can be more nimble, our efforts and impact will cost less to approve. We are a new set of eyes that are not restrained by "how we've always worked". We are fresh on the scene and will look for every opportunity to drive value into the business.

What roles do you offer?

Our Implementation roles include but are not limited to the following: Solution architects, configuration engineers, developers, automators, testers, analysts and implementation specialists. We are also willing to invest in training to fulfill positions unique to your organization.

Do you do integration work?

Yes! Systems, application, data or document (EDI) integration are within scope. Whatever we missed, we're interested. Give us a call to discuss.

Data cleansing, data transformation? Are you able to do these?

Not a problem. We have the expertise to assess, plan, execute and sustain a proper cleanse or transformation. Often, these are part and parcel of our standard practices when engaged in integration and/or data warehousing work.

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