Impact-Driven Development

All the typical roles. Anything but typical results.
Mobile, web and cloud

What We Do


Domain, problem set, architecture or approach.
All starts by asking the right questions.


Agility moves us forward.
Good design moves us faster.


Decision makers who own their code (quality), think for themselves but work as a team to produce solutions.


Testing starts with ownership and a commitment to your customers. Apply tools, tech and talent. Shake and serve.


DevOps assembly lines to CI / CD best practices. Teams committed to automation deliver faster with lower costs.


Daily, weekly, bi-weekly. The commitment is the same. Working software that is remarkably satisfying to use.

What you want to know

Development FAQ

What is upstart13's mission?

We rally global talent to deliver in-house performance for an unrivaled offshore experience.

How does that mission translate to development services?

We are aware of the perceptions about offshore and we are shattering those for anyone who works with us.
In development, we own our work, we communicate effectively, we keep our commitments, we pursue excellence in what we do and we outperform as a promise to one another. As we do, your customers win and you shine.

What attracts talent to upstart13?

Our culture, our people, and our leaders together attract talent in support of a mission that is both infectious and attractive! Add to that projects that are challenging and meaningful. Talent finds us from there.

What keeps top talent at upstart13?

More than anything our people are the reason we retain our talent. We invest well in our people, we choose to do big things, and we choose our clients well. But, when you are deeply connected to those you work with and are joined by a common mission, people tend to stay.

Offshore development typically comes with a lot of overhead? Why are your engineers any different?

We empower our people to be independent thinkers, clear communicators, and decision makers. Our culture thrives in taking responsibility and ownership of what we do. We lead our people into more, and they become their best. The result is impact, not overhead.

How do you support your engineering teams?

We believe in our people first. We give them the tools and coaching they need to succeed in their roles. We coach in the moment, not from a distance. With every interaction we all improve. From there, we design individual and team growth plans, partner with peers for encouragement and accountability, and finance continuous education in their desired fields. The result is a level of support few have experienced anywhere, even more so in offshore.

How do you qualify engineer experience?

We value performance over titles. An engineer's ability to articulate why as much as what. in their work. We relish experience, but even more so a hunger for more. This informs our hiring of humble, hungry and competent people. We then equip them to do big things.

How do you build engineering teams?

We build small teams of highly effective specialists that join their strengths to form a greater whole. Teams acknowledging failure but using it as a springboard to success. Teams that integrate to yours, or are equipped to carry the day themselves. Together, success follows.

Do you emphasize English?

We emphasize effective communication. Often, that is in English because that is the language of business for most of our clients. But more than English, we train in all communication channels because mastery is a must in many forms, not just the spoken word.

Is upstart13 agile?

Absolutely! We emphasize satisfying our customers with working software in incremental, frequent deliverables. We pivot to priority, working hand in hand with your business as we engage. We self-organize, take decisions and ownership of the outcomes. We take time to reflect on what we've done to continuously improve with each deliverable. All this to ensure long-term, sustainable success for you and your customers.

How does upstart13 ensure quality deliverables?

Each engineer in every role sets a high bar on the quality of their own work and what we produce together as a team. We then apply the best available tools to enrich code quality, analysis, integration and testing. We take advantage of automation to accelerate delivery and to shorten feedback loops. All together, the end result is the quality you desire and your customers demand.

What does upstart13 do for security?

We emphasize security with hardware, software, infrastructure, monitoring and education. Machines are secured, encrypted and monitored. Teams are mindful of security in the work they do and the deliverables they produce. We protect IP, maintain confidentiality, and handle your data appropriately. We keep guidance fresh and in front of our people because we know our reputation and yours depends on it.

What is your measuring stick for success?

Happy customers, clean deliverables and deeply integrated teams! If we had to say more, we would tell you how we get in the weeds with measurables sprint to sprint and communicate consistently with you and our people so that we are all in sync, collaborating and improving our performance and enriching our value-add.

What languages do you emphasize?

To answer here at any depth might cause you to think we don't do what you need. So, call us and we'll answer this in the context of what you need.

That said, we are fluent in many languages - all those you would likely expect. We also invest well in currency and trend. And we have developed a rich technical community that allows us access to specialities whenever we need it. That's the value of our vast ecosystem.

Comfortable in the cloud?

Absolutely. We are provider neutral in terms of declaring our preferences. Just know we have experience and an affinity for SaaS, PaaS and IaaS applications.

How do you maintain tech currency?

We invest in continuous education for our engineers, both where they want to go and where we want to work. We maintain a tech radar, practice leaders and a community of sharing. Our goal is not simply to "do what is new" but to become masters of what we do choose to do while maintaining currency along the way.

our emphasis in people, both yours and ours, is what enables us to be the most significant partner you will ever have.
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