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The people you hire will dictate your culture.

Years of experience leading and investing in people prepared us for this moment - for making culture really matter at Upstart 13. Our culture is not founded on rally cries or words on a wall.

We built our culture one hire at a time.

Who we are

Culture Upstart 13

We are humble, hungry, and competent people unified around a vision to change an industry: That change is experienced daily in how we show up and do work which matters to our customers.


Our Vision

Culture Upstart 13

Our vision is to change the outsourcing industry by radically redefining the expectation and experience for all participants – our people and our customers. Change begins with the invitation into more responsibility, collaboration, and accountability. Change is sustained in the trust formed by the results.

Core Values

Culture Upstart 13

When defining our core values, it was vital we be authentic. For without authenticity, we would not have trust. From that early commitment, our values came to life, shaping and sustaining both how we work and the commitments we make to one another.

Core values

People before profit

Invest in our people while pursuing profit as we must do both to change an industry.

Core values

Be Curious

Seek to understand before seeking to be understood.

Core values

Do what matters

Focus on what’s important now, take ownership of outcomes, and be accountable to our commitments.

Core values

Find a way forward

Commit to identify, discuss and solve issues together.

Core values

Be Daring

Think without limits, then make it happen.