Steve Russell, CEO

"Offshore partners must do more than lower costs. To be of any significant value, partners must impact the business as an integral part of the business. We are in this to offer that kind of value."

Before co-founding Upstart 13, Steve ran the Customer Operations business for unicorn, CoverMyMeds, where he grew his team from 200 to 800 people in less than two years. Previously he was the head of Business Operations, Operational Excellence, and Services Operations for PROS, Inc. (NYSE:PRO), a leading innovator in AI technology.

A Berkeley Executive Leader, Steve brings over two decades of software industry experience.

Nathan Winegardner, Sales

With over 20 years' technology experience, Nathan has played a prominent role in growing a technology industry in Bolivia, by both offshoring jobs to the region as a Development Director as well as leading Sales for the country's principal service provider. Through his contribution in Sales, the company rose from a few hundred to well over twelve hundred employees across multiple countries. Nathan's strategic voice and ability to unify cross-cultural interests helped guide company expansion both Nationally and Internationally.

With three amazing daughters, and having personally been impacted by the strength of GP4Tech, Nathan is a principle advocate for Women in Technology.

Jake Le, Swiss Army Knife

aka. Upstart's Mouthpiece and self-proclaimed capitalist hippy!

Before becoming the unofficial flag waiver for the Colombian tech economy, Jake dominated Fortune 100 Tech sales.  Not satisfied by the comforts of a cushy corporate paycheck, Jake dove headfirst into entrepreneurship. He founded smart city tech, featuring the first commercialized AI flood detection technology, before finding a home in the near-shoring.

Jake has an uncanny ability for solving complex problems by any means necessary. When not growing his business, Jake spends his free time living with native tribes in the amazon.

Mitch Comardo, Advisor

Over the last 10 years, Mitch has had the pleasure of leading large and small product, engineering and, technical teams to tremendous successes. He has taken start-ups from zero to one, secured funding and reinvestment as well as having scaled large enterprise engineering organizations.

Along with a strong technical appetite, Mitch is known for being a creator of culture and innovation in every team he touches while fostering growth and excellence within organizations as a first principle.

Mitch is an investor in upstart, provides strategic guidance as an advisor and is a trusted ally.

Colombia First

The Upstart creed begins with "Colombia First".
A rallying cry to invest heavily in the people and spirit of Colombia.

The energy, ingenuity, and passion of the people who inspired us to locate here will bring the same for you and your business.

(Comuna) District 13

Once the most dangerous area of Medellin, District 13 is a vibrant canvas of color and symbol of peace achieved with cans of paint and a commitment to inclusion.

We were so humbled by their struggle and awed by their commitment to transformation that we adopted the 13 in our name. Whenever we say it or hear it, we are reminded to listen, learn and stay true to our commitment to honor their example.

A Greater Cause

Everything we do must reflect a better quality of life for our people and those we have the opportunity to affect.

Upstart is impacting causes greater than ourselves. We make a difference with what we earn.

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